HOW IT WORKS:3 Easy Steps!

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1. Go to the My Account page and click on the Refer A Friend tab. You will see a Referral URL and Coupon Code, these are what you share with people to earn commission. They both do the same thing in a different way, so use which ever you find easier.
2. Make sure the person you are referring either uses your Referral URL when they visit the site to register, or they can enter your Coupon Code at the check out page when they complete their first order.
3. That’s it, you will now get a store coupon worth 5% of each order that person makes, for life! The person you referred will also receive a 5% discount on each order they make.


You can track your Commission Coupons in the bottom half of the Refer A Friend tab on the My Account page. Just enter the coupon code at the checkout page to receive your discount. You can stack as many Commission Coupons as you want to get a bigger discount.

(NOTE: Commission Coupons may not be applicable with some sales and special offers.)